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We will pay greatest effort to realize our mission.

Through our drug discovery, we are trying to realize the big goal of contributing to society step by step. To that end, we are not only searching for known materials until now, but also hoping for the pharmacological effect desired by our company with newer, unknown materials, we will focus on the scope of the search in Europe and Asia, I am expanding my eyes widely.

Recent health-conscious trends are not limited to Japan, Europe and the United States, but I think that it is between calls to spread not only to BRICS but also to development countries. Of course, not all countries have the same level of pharmaceutical completion right now.

Also, if you turn your eyes to the domestic side, the idea of prevention of lifestyle diseases in your own consciousness before becoming severe in the future will be consolidating, so do not consume large social expenses, Although it will be beneficial, you can also see the negative point that you take too much frankly by helping with the method of advertisement propaganda.

In this environment, we are ready to pay maximum effort to realize our mission.


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