If you are interested in tea flower, interested in tea flower,

A request from Japan Medicinal Foods Laboratory Co.,Ltd.We are the only company in Japan that is directly selling patented extract of tea flower extract R chaka extract.
In recent years, some people sell chaka extract extract of tea without obtaining permission from our company,
Please confirm well the contents well.

Japan Medicinal Foods Laboratory Co.,Ltd. has
acquired a patent on "chaka".

For ingredients and uses of extract R chaka,
patent number 47717135 (H23.7.1 registration) and patent number 5275678 (H25.5.24 registration)
are established. There is one related patent application.

What is the tea flower(Chaka) ?

The fact that we focused on the tea flower "Chaka"
which we do not generally see in Japan, Needless to wait for "The Selfish Gene" by Richard Dawkins,
the original organic natural tea, because it adapts to the environment, when it feels necessary to leave descendants in the tea tree, adds flowers to herself The same thing does not occur much differently from the tea tree of the Japanese tea field which has been given nutrition excessively and whose tea leaves are elongated, with different environments.

Tea flower Regarding the flower part of tea, it has been used for a long time in Japan, and it came to be issued for the lunar eclipse after the feast, events of the Shinto and Buddha and entertainment of the festival at the New Year and the guests with the times, today It is one of sociable and tasteful people's food.

About extraction extract of tea flower

Saponin constituents of tea flowers such as floratheasaponins and chakasaponins contained in extract extract of tea (chaka extract) (Chaka saponin is a trademark of our company.)

In addition, we have obtained patent on biological function of tea flower extract. ), We have independently studied biological functions, and as pharmacological activity (1) anti-obesity action (suppression activity of elevation of neutral fat in blood in neutral fat load and high fat diet mice, high fat meal mouse (3) anti-diabetes action (aldose reductase inhibitory action, inhibition of blood glucose level increase in glucose-loaded rats), (2) antiallergic action (degranulation suppression action, rat auricular PCA reaction inhibitory action) (DPPH radical, Superoxide scavenging activity), (5) gastric mucosa protective action (ethanol, indomethacin induction, rat gastric mucosal disorder suppressive action).

In addition, in order to confirm the safety of the tea extract extract, we conducted an acute toxicity test in mice and a 91 day repeated oral administration test, but no toxicity was found. In clinical trials, we conducted 40 women volunteers with BMIs 25 to 30 at 24 to 45 years of age for one month.

As a result, an average of 1.70 to 2.50 kg weight loss was observed when the tea extract extract (100 mg / day, 300 mg / day, 1,000 mg / day) was administered, and weight loss was observed in any of the shoulder circumference, the waist circumference, and the thigh area from the placebo group A significant descending effect was observed. In addition, abnormalities in the blood biochemical examination were not particularly recognized, and the safety in humans was also confirmed.

In this way, the tea extract extract is thought to be effective for the prevention of obesity and diabetes, which is said to be the cause of metabolic syndrome, and it can be expected to have effects such as gastric mucosa protection action and antiallergic effect, etc. New food having biological function As a material it will be thought of as promising more and more in the future.

We're doing OEM of tea flower extract.

 Takes advantage of our research results and commissions OEM production based on research results.

The difference with other companies, Japan Medicinal Foods Laboratory Co., Ltd. has a patent on "tea flower (chaka)" , and OEM production can be made utilizing the existence of tea flowers. Please feel free to contact us.